Feb 23, 2012

A word after a word after a word is power

Just finished reading

This book is about a married couple dealt with an unexpected problem. They've been married seven years and it seem like nothing can damage their love. Although Jessica and Ian Clarke have been married seven years, they insist the thrill and excitement haven't dimmed. At Jessica's urging, Ian has quit his advertising job to become a struggling writer, and she supports him with her successful San Francisco boutique. Until the husband, Ian got arrested and accused for rape by this lady named Maggie. Ian's wife Jessica finds out about this, she loves him with all her heart, and trusts him and she knows that he is innocent. Ian is sent to jail and has to stay there for many years. 

Jessica in her heart knows that he didn't do anything, but circumstances make her believe what is in front of her eyes. She gives him divorce and moves to her country Victorian house and tries to start a new life. There in the other side in jail Ian writes a book and sells it and gets a lot of money from it and he pays back Jessica everything. 
Jessica is trying to meet new guys and is trying to forget Ian as hard as possible. She goes on a date with a guy, and he proposes her and he takes her home to make love with her,she stops him and realizes that this is all wrong and she misses Ian. She wants him back desperately. 

She goes back to the jail and sees Ian after years. They both realize how much they love each other and how hard it is to live without each other. Eight weeks after that Ian is released from jail, and Jessica finally gets him back :) 

Next : The Piano Teacher.     kbye

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ghost writer said...

hepi endings..

kadang2 kita awal2 lagi berharap agar kisah yang kita baca berakhir dengan suatu yang menggembirakan.