Oct 6, 2014

All mixed-up

I know i annoy you a lot lately. I am clingier than before. I kept on asking you to tell me that you love me. 

Yes, paranoid. That's the word. 

Well the man that said that i am his world, that he would never leave me, that he would never stopped loving me just shut me out completely, told me that he doesn't love me anymore and walked away just like that. How do you expect me to feel? 

I just somehow became too sensitive. When you lose your temper, when you ignored me, I just got so sad. Too sad. That's why I've been asking you to treat me a little better, love me like how you loved me before so that i wouldn't be bothered by all these insecurities.

Now let's figure out a way to get him to know the things that have been suffocating me.

i'm ok now. 

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