Jul 5, 2015

Allah guides whom he wills

I'm in the 3rd year now, Alhamdulillah I'm doing quite well.

Last Friday was the end of my Public Health posting.
Next posting (starts tomorrow July 6th) will be Basic Clinical Course posting,
which means I will start going to the hospital, yay!
Super excited.

Since it's weekend and I'm done with my end of posting exam and assignments etc,
I slept pretty late last night and all I did was just watching (a lot of) random videos on youtube.
Then I stumbled upon this one youtube channel - @ModernHijabLook.

She is so beautiful and so gentle and soft spoken and very polite and I just admire her a lot.
She's a convert living in Glasgow with her husband. The way she talks about Islam, how excited she is
that she is always smiling and her face glows makes me feel so small and kind of feel ashamed I guess
because I was born as a Muslim but I don't feel and look at my religion the same way she does.

You can learn a lot from her videos and her stories are all so inspiring.
Hopefully we all will become better insyaAllah :)

If Allah guides you, no one can misguide you.

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