Jul 13, 2015

Luna #CatDiary

If you've been following me on instagram, you know that I've adopted a kitten!!! A very little cute manja and gedik one!

So this is my very first time owning a pet. Well my brothers and I used to have a big aquarium with lots of tiny fishes but I don't really consider them as pets but more as a decoration for the house. Because you can't freaking cuddle a fish and yeah they stink even when they spent their whole life time bathing.

Okay back to Luna.

I got her from Ishmel's house. A stray cat came to his house and gave birth under the staircase but after around 2 weeks, the mother somehow went out and didn't came back for the kitten. So, I used to come over to play with her, feed her and sometimes I brought her home for an overnight stay hehe. And she has been so manja with me. Whenever she's at my place, I'd sleep on the floor so that she can sleep with me and she'll usually sleep at my neck, yup, neck. According to Ishmel, he said she likes it there because it's warm. Cats like human body warmth.

I decided to take care of Luna so I did a little shopping on cat's items and brought her home as my pet on July 6.

Basic things that you need are

Litter box
Litter sand
Wet food (junior)
Food bowl
Water bowl
Carrier (optional)

I had to spend on food and pet carrier only since Ishmel had a few cats before (but they all died now), so he decided to give me all the stuffs that I had listed above. Yay!

Cats sleep anywhere they like, so don't really bother buying them bed.

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