May 28, 2016

Scuba diving?


As you can see, it is on my wishlist (refer the side bar hehe). 

A friend of mine had kinda talked me into it 
and I've been reading a lot about diving since then and that's it, 
I think I want to try diving next!

But the whole process is not that simple. 
There'll be courses & classes; 
that requires a whole lot of time, money and commitment... 
which I don't have and I can't give for now. 
I just can't wait to graduate and have all the time in the world 
to do all the things that I love. 

2 more years! 
I can wait. 
The sea can wait.

Hiking is my (current) forte, 
and I have a long list of mountains-to-hike. 
I guess I should spend the time I have for now for the mountains :)

So yea I'm just posting this for my future reference.



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