Jul 3, 2012

Rainy Mood

"It's hard to arrange the words to explain the things I think about in my head," -Ian.

I've been feeling empty lately. Usually im okay with all of the solitude and such, but as of just a bit ago, i have been feeling alone even when im with my family, to the point where i leave and do something else without them or i just sulk off into a space.

I'll be starting my college days soon and i am scared thinking of the what ifs.

What if I can't adapt to the new surroundings?
What if I got no friends?
What should I do if everyone hates me?
What if I can't catch up with my studies?
What if I failed?

It's hard not to focus on the negative but i feel like i can't put myself through anything, I just want to fucking cry for no reason.

God i sound so depressed. Maybe i should stop listening to depressing songs. I cant stand loud musics anymore anyway. If you know me well you know there's something wrong with me. And it's serious.

And oh here's a site, http://www.rainymood.com/ . Staring at the rain drops, I feel the urge to cry at first but then i feel relaxed instead. Well, rain does make everything better.

Good night and sweetdreams, earthlings.

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