May 20, 2013

This sucks, big time.

Draft - April 3rd

I don't know how to start.


Well, it's like most of the foundation students already had their dinner, 
and we (Nerangers) are no exception. We'll be having our dinner on April 19th.

So, my life as you know it, my life here kind of sucks. No malls. Curfew at 7pm. 
Assembly. Yada yada. Stop saying that I'm being ungrateful.

Yes, yes, thank you for the education, for the allowance, for the free food and all, 
but having our dinner inside the college, at the hall, is another example of how life 
throws brick at my face.

I know everybody feels the same. 
Well I don't really care about what they feel (lol) but for once in my college life,
I want it to be wonderful and only I know how to please myself, so ta-da : 
I am part of the annual dinner committee member (decoration).

I've been thinking of transforming our vintage hall into this.


We'll see :)


Update - April 24th

It was kind of complicated.

A few days after the MPPs told us that we're gonna have our dinner inside, 
we had a meeting again and they said that Maam Director gave us permission to do it outside on April 30th .


at the very last minute, (less than 6 days until dinner) she changed her mind.


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