Jun 15, 2013

Make everything ok

Somebody tweeted a link -- stumbleupon.com and of course like a curious cat, i clicked it. I like it. So much. That i'm addicted to it.

So what is stumble upon?

It's a site that helps you discover new and interesting stuffs on the web. Like any other websites, you have to sign up first. Then, you'll have to choose your interest so that they can show you webpages, videos, photos and more that you'll like (based on your interest) that you wouldn't have found on your own !

"Every Stumble is an adventure, and something amazing is always just a click away." ;)

Best untuk orang yang suka berangan ke laut ke langit ke tanah dan semua arah.

Ok back to the bitter reality, the results are out. I am feeling a little deflated but to think of it again, i deserved it anyway. I got B for both subjects that I didn't sleep the night before, cracking my head trying to make sure that i can walk into and out the hall feeling so confident that it'll be easy peasy lemon squeezy and i'll do just fine. Oh well, the most important thing is my pointer is above 3.5 which means i'm safe. I hope. 

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