Jan 23, 2014

52 Weeks Money Challenge

I spend too much money on clothes and other unnecessary things. Well who doesn't love shopping right?

So I hereby challenge myself to stop spending and start saving!

I read about this challenge on Kaylie's blog here. Basically in a year, we have 52 weeks. Starting from the very first week, a dollar is saved and the amount saved is increased by one dollar each week. So by the end of the year, you'll have $1,378.00 in your piggy bank !

Below is the so called money checklist for each week.

I've read what other people think about this challenge and some of em dislike the idea to start with $1 as they said that we usually are eager only in the beginning. So it's gonna be hard to save such large amount per week when you're no longer interested in doing it.

I say, do it the way you like it. The way that suits your financial situation. It's up to you. As long as you managed to have $1,378 at the end of the year.

As an undergrad student, i'm not really sure that i'm gonna be able to take away $20 from my pocket just like that. I guess i'll have to do it by month then.

Choose and print your template :

Save in one dollar increments.
Save in 50 cent increments.
Save in 25 cent increments.
Save in one dollar increments backward.
Save in dollar increments bi-weekly.
Save in dollar increments monthly.

3 weeks down, 49 to go !

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