Jan 16, 2014

Fav couple

Tom Fletcher And Mrs F // Giovanna Fletcher

They are such a perfect couple and the best thing is they both have very lovely voice!

Tom Fletcher is actually the lead singer of McFly. So it's no surprise. But her wife, as Tom described her :

Not many of you know that Gi can sing but she's got the voice of an angel...a singing angel...a singing angel with a really beautiful voice...and one of those super shiny halo things...and enormous eagle wings...and a trident!

It makes me feel happy too to see them doing things together.
Yknow, that's what every girl wants.
Every girl's dream.
To be living Gi's life.

I can sit in front of my laptop and go to youtube
and watch them all day long and do it again
the next day and the next day and the very next day
without getting bored.
For real!

Is this counted as fangirling though? I hope not.

Tom's wedding speech.

Watch the Fletchers at Tom's youtube account - http://www.youtube.com/user/tommcflytwitter

How i wish i have beautiful voice so that i can sing while my boyfriend plays the guitar.
Dream on.

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