Aug 3, 2014

I've watched this for a few times already

and still feel like clicking the "replay" button.

This is cute ok, and of course beyond sweet. 
The never ending efforts you made just to have that one person, and to keep him.

"Everybody wants to be loved. Everybody wants to be in love." -the narrator

I love the idea of being in love with your best friend. You don't just pick someone from the side walk to be your friend, your best friend right? There must be something special that allows you two to just clicked.

And without you noticing, it just..... happened.

You got so closed that you know the different food he's gonna order at different restaurants, that a glass of plain water is a must after every meal, his smoking habit, that he'll sneeze twice or three times a row every morning after he wakes up, that when eating, he'll save the egg yolk for later, his before bed routine. How you are so comfortable around him that you can just tell him that "I nak berak", or just kentut in the car, that "I tak tahan nak kencing please ask the waiter where is the toilet for me", or just cry when he teased you for putting on lipstick.

Call me selekeh or whatever I don't mind as long as I am comfortable being myself, that I don't have to behave, restrict myself from doing things that I like, or telling that I am okay with somehing when I totally not.

I hope i can call him "my person".

This is so random.

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