Sep 22, 2014

20 and married

Nope, not me.

I attended one of my high school friends' wedding on August 31st, held at De Palma Hotel, Shah Alam. Almost 3/4 of the batch showed up !! Can you imagine how meriah and bising we were because some of us haven't met each other since Graduation day in 2011.


These two high school sweetheart have been together since 2009. They are just so cute together! And we all have been expecting this anyway. They have been planning since school years to get married before flying off to UK and they did.

Now I can't wait to get married.

No, bukan sebab nak anak cepat, nak ada orang jaga etc etc, tapi sebab nak cecantik pastu have all eyes on you pastu kecetttt kecetttt (bunyi flash) posing for pictures pastu ada photoshoot pastu dapat hadiah hahaha.

Yes, sebab tu je.

And thanks to Nynna, Mien, Fira, Yasmin, Qilah, Kell, Jannah and another 7 girls (malas pulak nak listkan) for the fun we had and Kosas and Gandum for being my driver for the weekend hehe and Ily and Amore for the lunch treat :)

It feels good to be surrounded with these faces again.

My best shot for #SakinahDaniel

the usual "ambik berkat" session :P

Ok girls, who's next?

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Apabila Hati Terbuka said...

Alhamdulillah dah selamat kawan . Awak tue bila lagi ? Hehehe insyaAllah ye