Apr 30, 2015

Catching sunrise

It was around 0030H when I came up with an idea to hike Mt. Irau. My dudes being the jom-to-everything-especially-stupid-and-crazy-things kind of guy obviously said YES! So we packed up our things, rushed to 7E to buy some snacks and off we go at 0130H.

Reached Brinchang at 0300H and after a lil stretching up, at 0330H, we started to hike up.
It was my first time hiking Mt Irau, as for the dudes..... 6th time for Syed, 5th for Mail, and entah lah yang keberapa untuk Nikki and Genji.

Diorang kata the track was supposed to be muddy but at that time, the tanah somehow was all dry. Not the dry merekah kind of dry, but dry without lopak kind of dry. I don't really mind about the mud, I've been through worse --- Landslide.

or should i say landslidessssss. 

Masa hiking Mt Yong Belar back in December (i'll post about this later), masa tu sebenarnya tengah musim hujan lebat nokhorom yang Kelantan pun sampai banjir tinggi empat tingkat. Jalan dekat lereng-lereng gunung tu mostly semua tertutup dengan tanah runtuh, 4wd memang tak boleh lalu. Nak taknak kena la redah tanah runtuh yang setinggi pinggang itu. Yes, tinggi pinggang.

Ok back to my Irau hike, halfway up at Mini Irau, kita jumpa this one group of 30 people tengah rehat. They started hiking at 0200H, pastu they were like a bit wow-ed sebab kita start one hour and a half late pun boleh sampai sama dengan diorang hehe. And I could hear the people were talking about how cool my bag is hehehehehe.

It's Karrimor Reflekt, bought while it is on sale at SportsDirect for RM 169. Worth. Every. Penny.

I think the trail was quite challenging and fun sebab kena panjat-panjat. I like it that way rather than just jalan monotonously zzzzz. Tengah-tengah jalan tu my left knee got dislocated haish. Duduk jap, betulkan lutut balik, sambung hiking.

Reached the top at 0547H. Total time taken: 2 hours 10 minutes.

Masa ambil wudhu untuk solat Subuh, I didn't realize that I had dropped my glasses and yeah... I stepped on it, patah. Terpaksa hiking downhill half blind (power is 650).

Breathtaking. Literally. 
Syed, Faiz, Ainal, Genji, Nikki
Personal bodyguards

Best memories come from bad ideas.

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