Jun 6, 2015

Out & About

I had a rough time last week. Things went a bit chaotic but luckily I'm rational enough to not make a big deal out of it so I stepped up and apologized and thank god it ends there.

We had our batch's farewell dinner last week. It was a bit impromptu, not well-planned, not neatly organized etc etc because we just knew that we have to bid farewell to our friends who will be leaving for India this September (and they need to go for a two months prep at MSU starting in July). It was off before due to some management problem but Alhamdulillah, now everyone can fly.

The date. We had a poll to decide on which date should we held the dinner and I voted for it to be on early July. So that the committee members would have enough time to do everything that they needed to do. Yes, I know that's so nice of me but really, I needed time to find the prefect outfit. All the other girls too! Hahaha. Anyhoo, I just wore what I already have in my wardrobe and bought a new scarf to match it with.

I've realized that I had developed a funny feeling towards makeup. I'm starting to like them, well, I always have but umm, I'm starting to USE them. Using as in applying them on my face. But not on daily basis of course. I had this eye makeup on that night and it felt good that it turns out well on the very first try hehe.

Geng Gunung
Hana & Ellina

Honestly, I didn't expect much from the committees because it was really really last minute but they did a pretty good job at decorating, it was absolutely a beautiful night. Kudos guys!

The one that I'll miss the most is obviously Hana (the one in the center). She is there all the time to support me. She baked me cookies when I was devastated, and dropped by Ipoh with chocolates when I was totally down and many more that made me questioned what did I do right to have such a great friend like her. And if you're happen to read this, I know you'll be just fine in Bangalore. But please, I guess it's time for you to change your mind set and start to willingly do this for you. Start seeing things on different perspectives. I wish you all the best! Always :)

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