Apr 17, 2016

ShopVelvetVanity | A Malaysian Brand

It has become apparent that everyone is currently into liquid lipstick especially the matte ones. Probably because of the pigmentation and lastingness compared to tube lipsticks. There are a lot of brands out there like mac, ofra, stila, kylie jenner, anastasia, too faced (you know all the high-end brands) anddddd the must-have drugstore brand *drum roll* - colourpop & nyx. 

Too bad that they are not available in Malaysia, you're gonna have to order it from the instashops/ carousellers/ shopee sellers. The cons are, you'll have to wait restlessly for about 3-4 weeks for your items to arrive thinking of the possibilities that you might kena tipu and the price, urgh. (I'm rolling my eyes so hard right now that they got muscle cramps.) It's only $6 in the US = MYR 26.40, but these sellers, some of 'em are selling it as high as RM 60 like come onnnn, it's a drugstore brand, RM 40 is acceptable but 60 is just wayyyy off. Using "shipping cost" as an excuse is a total BS.

Ok back to the main topic -  Velvet Vanity | A Malaysian Brand.

There are two Malaysian clothing lines (that I know) that had launched their cosmetics collections including iquid lipsticks in 2015 if I'm not mistaken - 

Now, the most recent brand, Velvet Vanity, launched in March 2016.
Currently, VV only offers 3 shades which are Slamberry, Blood Wasted and Libra Baby.

I ordered Blood Wasted, a dark red which is not emo-ish dark, but is also bright but not merah-mak-ngah bright. 
You get me? Hahahaha.

The parcel arrived after 4 days.

I was definitely terpi-Cat with the packaging. Seriously, who wouldn't?

The usual doe-foot applicator

A swatch on the back of my hand
Under the sunlight. I kinda stood next to the window for this photo ok. Such effort.

I only applied a thin layer of the lipstick.
If you wanna go darker, you can build up the colour by applying more but I wouldn't recommend that because it'll be all smudgy.

So far, I only wear it just to try it out, to know how it feels and looks on my lips.
- I like how it looks on me.
- It's very creamy to liquidy in formula (which I'm not sure is a good thing or not). 
  Yes yes I knowww, the name itself has the word 'LIQUID' in it but this is kind of umm too watery?

It dries so slowly unlike the colourpop liquid lipstick which dries as soon as you apply it on your lips.
It definitely smudges, because it took soooo long to dry.
It transfers very easily. Pretty sure I'll have it all over my burgers.

But the good part is, it's not drying at all as other matte lipsticks would.
Probably due to it's watery formula.

Price: MYR 59
Packaging: 5/5 Definitely
Scent: 5/5 Very pleasant sweet vanilla-ish smell
Color: 5/5 da-bomb!
Matte: 4/5

I think it seems to be more satin finish than matte.

It's pretty, don't get me wrong. But it'snot what I expected.

Does it last all day?
- I'm not sure about that because I haven't worn it out yet but I'm starting to doubt it because..... how can it stays all day long when it transfers so easily?

Will i purchase again in different shades?
- Yes, absolutely. The colors are beautiful. Would love to have Libra Baby. And I hope they produce more shades soon, hopefully!

I read all other reviews on instagram and twitter, and those girls' experience with this brand is totally the opposite of mine. I'm thinking probably my lipstick is a defect item, or maybe mine is the first batch, so, you know, it's not that good yet. It's okay, this is only their first month. I believe that they will improve the quality and become better! 

If you want to try their lipsticks, head over to their website to purchase.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Gross bisous.

UPDATE: 0006H | April 18, 2016

(This is only a part of it, the rest is history.)

So I managed to get an explanation from the founder. 
She was so helpful and kind!

I'm definitely being an avid supporter/fan of this brand. 
Where can I get the fan club form? Anyone?

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