Sep 17, 2016

Bukit Berekeh 2016

Chasing Sunrise Merdeka Edition

P/S: I'm actually a bit unsure of the timing details because this happened about almost 3 weeks ago but fret not, I'm asking around so that I can give you readers the best and most accurate info that I can about this trip.

  • Height: 1940ft / 454m
  • Location: Kg Bawong, Sg Siput
  • Trek difficulty: 3.5/10
  • GPS trail (not mine): everytrail 
  • Time: 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Pace: Slow to medium
  • Landmark: Sekolah Kg Bawong, Masjid Kg Bawong, Klinik Desa Kg Bawong
  • Facilities & Fee:
    - No permit required
  • Tips:
    - Go early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid hot weather

Macam biasa, like all of our previous impromptu plans; it all started because we were having our pishang moments hahaha and Alhamdulillah, I'm lucky to have these people that are (almost) always willing to go through all the crazy adventures together.

So I've heard about this place for the first time from Mel's Trans Jelawang clan back in May. I googled for the photos and reviews but there were none, making me felt 'meh'. Y'know, macam hesitating a bit and rasa uninterested....

But anyhoo on Friday (August 26th), since we don't have any plans for the weekend, I ajak-ed Mel, Syed and Nik who I know are always up for plans like this and obviously the answer was a big fat yes, or else this post won't exist.

Planned to gerak at 3 but only started driving to Sg. Siput at 0345H because you know how janji Melayu works (lol). The hill is situated in Kg Bawong which is about an hour drive from Ipoh and along the way you can only see kelapa sawit on your left and right (yawn).

We arrived at 'the location' (based on the GPS) at 0430-ish and was kind of umm lost because it was dark....but then we decided to just park the car in front of a house that belongs to one of the OA (orang asli/asal) there because we thought that it'd be safer.

Let's just call this location as the starting point.

So basically the starting point is the kawasan of tanah merah (probably due to the deforestation that is being carried out there idk) and across the tanah merah site is the OA's houses. You'd know that this is it after you dah drive melepasi sekolah and masjid Kg Bawong and suddenly there'll be one point of transformation bila jalan tar tetiba jadi jalan tanah merah.

From the starting point to the entrance was a bit confusing because there were like a few routes but no signs or anything and have i mentioned that IT WAS DARK?! Ok so after we godek-godek the GPS trail (luckily one of us downloaded the trail to his phone), we found the siratul mustaqim (straight/true path in Arabic) which was not that mustaqim pun...

Starting point - Entrance
It was just tanah merah all the way with inclination of about 30-40 degree I think. I rasa macam we walked for quite a while, probably 20-30 minutes til we reached the entrance.

Entrance - 1st peak
Hah! Bet you don't expect bukit's route to be like this. We rarely do bukit, the one and only bukit that we've ever been to was bukit kutu which was technically a gunung (read about the trip here). So we kinda expect it to be a bit more relax unlike gunung's but oh boy we underestimated the bukit so bad. I was totally not mind and body ready for the canak part. Canak tu satu hal, hal yang lainnya pulak since this bukit is not that famous, tak ada la bantuan macam tali ke apa untuk berpaut, and pokok pun macam kecil-kecil je, not that strong to support you. But thank God the canak trail was short, about 20 minutes if I'm not mistaken.

1st peak - 5th peak
From 1st to 2nd peak dah start nampak view yang lampu-lampu oren from the nearest housing area cemtu, which was pretty and made me so tak sabar to reach the very last peak! From first to second peak still ada sisa-sisa canak but waaayy more pendek and sekejap than the first one. After that, the trail memang turun naik 3rd, 4th and 5th peak yang santai sahaja.

Reached the final peak at 0613H. Alhamdulillah, finally after hiking roughly for 1 hour and 20 minutes. But, I strongly believe if we didn't have to wait for Syed yang memerut tengah-tengah jalan because he ate a packet of Samyang Ramen noodles before the hike and I didn't act all dramatically macam nak mati masa going through the canak part; we can actually do it in less than that hahahaha.

The view -
Was breathtaking.

Below are the photos that were taken while we were on the peak,
but mostly were taken during descent.


So grateful that I decided to come here instead of the 'meh' feeling at the very beginning. 

We started to descend at 8-ish. Usually (and logically) the time taken to descend would be shorter but we took about 2 hours to get down because we kept on stopping after every step for photos yes the view is THAT beautiful! Some people even called it as the "Malaysian savannah".

Masa we were on our way down, we met new friends; a group of 3 hikers at the 3rd peak. And... we also made them took our photos using their camera hahahahaha memang muka tak malu. If you're reading this, thank you kak sudi pinjamkan camera and ambilkan gambar kitorang! :) Other than the amazing view, that's another thing that I love about hiking. The hikers are all friendly towards each other despite the fact that we only knew then for a short 10 minutes.

Oh yea, masa we all pergi tu memang kami berempat and tiga orang yang kami selisih ni je. Tak ada orang lain lansung. But I heard from Mel who went again yesterday (Malaysia day 16/9), it was crowded up there. I guess the place has become known to other people already....

So that's about it.
If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment, or email me or instaDM me.

Impromptu plans are always the best plan.

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sy ada hantar emel pertanyaan kepada cik, mohon cek emel ye,, terima kasih =)

Fatin said...

Nice experience. Pernah g Sg Siput x sangka banyak tempat hiking best! said...

nice sharing...sangat cantik..