May 21, 2013

Instax 210


Got myself a FujiFilm Instax 210 for MYR299 on March 23rd

Yayyy me :D

Beza harga dengan mini instax ada lah lebih kurang MYR30 so alang-alang, baik ambil yang besar. 
Plus, mini instax punya film is sooo mini. Kecik sangat even my phone's screen is bigger than that ok !!

The camera.... yea a bit bulky, but surprisingly not heavy at all ! 

Still learning on how to take nice pictures using it because it is so picky about lighting. Since the flash is automatic, I'm not sure when to use the lighten or darken mode and what not.

You'll get free 4 AA batteries and a macro 45 cm close up lens with mirror attached to it for self portrait. A box of wide instax film (10pcs) will cost you MYR38.90, a bit expensive.

These are a few tips on how to use the instax 210 taken from Just A Song
  1. Using the close-up lens with the focus range set to 0.9~3m will often produce vignetting.
  2. Using the close-up lens with a focus range set to 0.9~3m, if the camera is a further distance of 3m away from subject matter the photograph will likely be blurred.
  3. Using the close-up lens with the focus range set to 3m~oo can create a fisheye lens effect.
  4. Using the 3m~oo setting, less will be seen in the viewfinder than what appears within the photograph, especially along the right and bottom borders.
  5. Using the 3m~oo setting, blur will result if camera is positioned less than 12" from subject matter.
  6. The Fujifilm Instax 210 responds nicely to good light and no camera shake while shooting.

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My review :
kalau kau pandai guna takpun nasib kau baik, cantiklah gambar tu. 

hihi bui

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