May 20, 2013

Step by step

So as you know it, I'm a student of foundation in science for a medic school and to get into that medic school, other than the exams like everyone else, we have to go through two interviews and sit for Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).

The interviews -- 

This is carried out in KMKN only (i think), 
I meant the part that we have two interviews : mock interview and real interview.

For mock interview, the doctors from around Kedah were called to be the panels and for the real one, we had the dean and the lecturers of our future medical school weehoo.

Questions asked :

(Mock interview - Individual/ 2 interviewers)
  1. Tell me about yourself and why do you want to be a doctor.
  2. Is your decision to be a doctor is affected by how much you will get per month?
  3. Tell me about the current issue.
  4. As a medical student, you will have lots of thick books to read and so many things to memorize. Do you think you can handle that and how.

Ada a few more but i couldn't remember. 

Gigil, serius. 

It was my first time being interviewed unlike the others whom already had the experience  during MARA interview. In my case, I applied for local uni so, terlepas hihi.

Answering the third question, iolls tibai jawab pasal Lahad Datu sebab satu Malasia tengah hingaq bingaq pasal tu and pembubaran parlimen. Lepastu dia tanya balik, dalam PAS and BN, ada what parties? 

Terbangak ._. 

Terserlah disitu sebagai seorang anak bangsa yang tidak mengambil tahu haha, tolak satu markah.

Overall it was okay (kot). Dapat 39/50. Markah macam mana entah diorang tulis. Tapi ada diambil kira dari segi appearance, fluency and general knowledge.

Before i walked out from the room, one of the panel said to me,"I have a few friends from STF, and I don't know why, the way you guys talk is the same."

Written by her on the marking paper, "Typical SBP student". 

Tak tau if this is a kind of insult or and advice for me to change the way i talk ke apa, 
tapi senyum je lah 

(Real interview - A group of 5/ 3 interviewers)

Questions asked :

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Why students can perform well in foundation but not during degree?
  3. What are the preparations that you have made before you go to medic school?
  4. Have you read 7 Habits of Highly Efficient People by Steven Covey? (where everyone krik-krik-ed :B)
  5. Girls, do you think your life partner can understand your work life and support you?
  6. Guys, do you want to marry a doctor?


Kalau kau tau apa scientific name for pregnant woman without googling, then don't worry, you'll pass.


100 question about medicine in 1 hour, god luck :)

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