Apr 11, 2014

I choose to stay

I really needed this.

"We would see in every stages of life, there will be challenges that will bring you down, being dragged by the pain, the unstoppable tears, then later makes you closer to Him, then later makes you stronger than before. 

You might fight them physically or even legally. Bring the case to the court perhaps. Somehow you choose to stay strong and giving hope and chances. Always hope for a better days everyday. You might even just leave the situation but you choose to stay because you believe that Allah has decided for you to stay there. Everything comes from Allah and you ask Allah to bless and grant you with the unlimited strength so that you can survive by His blessing. Fortunately you believe, Allah is the god, Allah is the one who will decide everything, not her, and not even you to decide. 

Everyday you ask for a new hope. Hoping everyone will tell you that there's still hope for you. Hoping everyone will tell you that's normal to have such situation. Hoping everyone will tell you that the bad person will realize her fault very soon. Hoping that she will make her promise true. Hoping that she's not making a fake promises anymore. So that you can feel release. So that you can see a light even it's looks tiny and narrow at the end of your journey. 

You know Allah is near by your side. He watches everything. He knows exactly what you feel inside. He knows exactly what you hope for. He knows. "

 yup, i choose to stay because i just have faith in it, in us :)

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