Jun 3, 2014

Ipoh City Awesome - Cool Places In Ipoh

My friends asked for my help to give them a little tour around Ipoh. Since I have nothing better than memishang to do, I agreed and the first place we set foot to was Khizanat. Empayar Kuku Besi was having some sort like a tour thingy and their current stop was Khizanat! Guess we got lucky. All the designs are so damn nice but I made up my mind and I chose the one with the skull on it and that design was the last piece that they had. Double lucky!

And oh, for those yang dah lama tak jejak Khizanat, diorang dah renovate ok. Dah cat baru, dah tambah bar counter, dah tambah kerusi makan (tapi still tak cukup), tambah bean bags. Sedih jugak la sebab nama I yang I tulis dekat dinding dulu dah tak ada, pastu dinding baru pulak dah penuh :( 

((click HERE for the previous post about Khizanat))

Lepastu around 4pm ada macam a little performance from Myo (Oh Chentaku) sempena Tapau Fest. I don't really know what Tapau Fest is all about but you guys can check out their instagram account @tapaufest.

Since we were not really into this kind of fest, so kita chow pergi Park Lab. PARK is one of Oo'i and Comrades' project providing a platform for young entrepreneurs in the creative industries to generate income and produce quality products under one roof. Ok tu ayat facebook dia - https://www.facebook.com/parkipoh

Senang cerita, dia macam butik Calaqisya, Sincerelybyus, Old Blossom Box etc, vendor concept boutique kind of thing. It's just that this place jual barang-barang local. Brand Abstrax Jingga, Comme, Rare, Supersunday, IAmJuetFuel by Yuna, pelikat pants Afdlin haa. Tapi kalau sesiapa nak join, still ada slot kosong lagi, rental price pun boleh tahan murah. Boleh contact Megat Faris - 017 574 8190.

Situated across Kinta Riverfront Hotel, lot paling hujung (most left). Kalau taktau jalan boleh Waze. Everything is at your fingertips gitu. Park Lab ni baru je bukak. Mid May macamtu if I'm not mistaken. And they just launched their cafe on the 1st of June. For now they only serve drinks, but in the future they'll serve food too!

Next stop: Plan B and Burps & Giggles

These 2 cafes are situated next to each other (Well, not really. There's another cafe named Roquette in the middle). The halal status of these two restaurants are still not clear though. A friend of mine asked one of the staffs regarding the halal-ness, and even the staff himself said that it's semi-halal since it's pork free but they have wine there. Pork free doesn't mean that it's halal. Sejak bila pulak ada halal, separuh halal and haram kan? And I did see a few muslims eating there. Maybe they didn't know hmm... 

Behind the cafes is actually one of the street arts in Ipoh but since it was raining, we didn't get the chance to make silly poses with the murals. Well, there is one..... but I don't think Aan would approve to have his embarassing picture here hehe.

We didn't come here to get our tummy full so I can't really say anything about the food but you can refer to these blogs who did a review on these cafes :)

Motormouth - http://www.j2kfm.com/plan-b-ipoh-old-town/
The Yum List - http://theyumlist.blogspot.com/2013/08/burps-and-giggles-ipoh-malaysia.html

I brought them to Thumbs Cafe for dinner. ((Already did a special post about the cafe last year.)) It's my fav place so I treated them with Thumb's signature meatballs because why not? Pleasure is all mine. So after the guys performed their Maghrib, we went back to Kinta Riverfront.

Oh the riverwalk bridge somehow nak dijadikan macam that one place in Korea yang letak heart-shaped padlock tulis nama bf/gf lepastu campak kunci dalam sungai uish romantic katanya. Aan's attempt on being romantic, dia beli kunci basikal hahahaha. The key combination is their anniversary date awwwhhh. Macam comel tapi macam kelakar tapi ok lah sweet la jugak haha. Tapi tak sempat pulak nak baca what he wrote on it sebab dia macam malu-malu sorok from kitorang ceh.

Then we decided to ride the tandem bike but it was raining, the owner tak bagi sebab takut licin. So kita pergi balik Park Lab and lepak situ minum "Pop, The Soda". Pop soda ni ada banyak flavour: laici, mangga, durian belanda, pisang pastu apa entah lagi, lupa pulak. Satu RM5 tapi mcm takpelah, cakap support local kan? Best served cold tapi jangan banyak sangat ice okeh.

Tandem bike punya rental price is RM15 per 30 minutes + deposit RM10. Walaupun asyik tuang biar diorang yang kayuh tapi peluh jugak la. Kira ganti work out session for the evening hehe. If you know me, you know how i appreciate the scenery. Almost every step akan stop tangkap gambar. Busy sangat ambil gambar, tiba-tiba dah tak nampak diorang. Terus cuak, call tanya dekat mana. Rupa-rupanya I dah terlajak jalan jauh ke depan -.-'

Next stop is ETS yay! The guys lagi excited, serious tak tipu haha. So I biar je la diorang main, I just duduk tepi tangkap gambar. Banyak gila budak kecik kerumun sebab nak pecahkan the bubbles. Serious cute! Lepastu ada sorang ni tetiba datang berdiri dekat sebelah, macam wondering what was I actually doing. Lepastu when I switched to front camera, she got even more excited and started to wave at the screen aduhai comel betul. If only I have a baby sister/brother.

Ok tu je. Sorry for the awkward pishang moment. Hope you guys had fun. Well, I know I do :)

Catch of the day, set of rainbow+clouds felt magnet for MYR15 bought from a booth at Plan B.

I just want to go on a long drive to somewhere new.
Go on more adventures.
Be around good energy.
Connect with people.
Learn new things.

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