Jun 29, 2014

Review: The Body Shop - Born Lippy Lip Balm

I have this dry lips problem and i think they look so pale but lipstick is not really my thing so i bought this lip balm last month from The Body Shop for 19 MYR. I think they are purse friendly. I have always loved stuffs from TBS because of their scent! The one i bought is raspberry flavored. It smells so yummy but its taste is not as good as its smell.


It's pretty much clear and glossy on the lips but it doesn't stay long (or maybe because i keep on licking my lips hmm). The texture is somehow too thick and heavy on the lips. Truth to be told, this does very little for my lips. My lips remain dry and the color doesn't really show up. And i would prefer it to be in tube (like lipsticks) because it would be easier instead of having to stick my finger into the pot and then onto my lips.

The packaging is very convenient i must say. Very small and light, easy to carry around. But would i buy again? Well, i think no. Gotta start searching for new lip balm :( Any suggestions on brands/products that might help me solve my lippy problems?


YaYaNsMuM a.k.a YM said...

YM mmg suka Bodyshop product,tapi YM suka lip balm stick...senang..hehe.salam kenal dik.. :)

fayreen mizan said...

Hi dear!
Tq for visiting my blog the other day.

Woahhh... all the colours look yummylicious! Nasib baik tengah puasa :)