Aug 3, 2014

August Resolutions

Nope. Not the typical "[insert month's name here], please be nice to me" kind of post.

Instead of wishing, let's do something about it.

So this Monday (August 4th) will be the first day of the second module for Year 2 med students - Musculoskeletal System. Since I've flunked the last end of module exam (like the previous modules), so I came up with resolutions for the problem that seems to have no solution hmm. 

(To be carried out throughout the month)

1. To have new resolutions every month.

2. Well, I can stop being lazy. That's for starter.

3. Check on my online shop (Yes, I run online business. In fact, I have 2!) in between 5pm to 7pm only. FAILING TOO!

4. Weight gain milk 3 times a day is a must! :( SKIPPED A FEW DAYS ALREADY

5. The only things that I'd purchase this month is an eyeliner and a batik skirt to match my new plain kebaya cardi. 

(First week of August)

6. Study for oral mandarin test this Wednesday!! (August 6th) DONE WITH IT 

7. Try no instagram (personal account) for the first week. FAILING

8. Try preparing myself for every class beforehand for the first week. STILL TRYING

9. Prepare the MSSK file. Be more organized! 

(Second week of August)

10. Prepare before going into class, revise after class.

11. List out the assigned LO's and master them.

12. Start revising the Year 1 syllabus using the USMLE book.

(Third week of August)

Well, I guess that's all for now. Will update this post soon with more resolutions. 

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

May He eases my way (our way) to be a doctor. May everything goes as planned.

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