Aug 12, 2014

Cool Places In Ipoh : Harold's Bread

It was unplanned. Hana texted me asking if I wanted to go to Harold's bread, and since we have been talking about going there from even before Ramadhan, to Harold's bread we go.

It's an Ipoh-based brand. Located just across the street from Burps & Giggles and Plan B. Loads of parking lots in front of the shop, no worries. You can read about the shop here.

Basically the shop serves you pastries, breads and cakes. Hence, the name. But they do serve spaghetti if i'm not mistaken.

So Hana and I ordered Turkey Slice Sandwich each and a caramel latte for me. The picture is taken from Harold's Bread website. (Total RM 14.80 for 1 sandwich and 1 caramel latte)

Here's how the sandwich really looks like. So completely different... The turkey slice is nowhere to be seen.

I'm not a vegetable kind of person. I usually separate the veges in my plate. I used to love veges. I used to eat taugeh as snacks but not anymore. I wonder why. I have never set my foot to Subway because of this veges issue. But this time, I decided to eat the veges in/on my sandwich! What are sandwiches without the veges right?

It was medium-sized. Didn't finish eating the sandwich though. Typical me, teehee. So what can I say about the sandwich is, it tasted quite ok. Except that the slice of turkey is toooo thin. I was expecting to taste a little more meat to cover up the taste of the veges.

All in all, the cafe is very nice. So very cosy and peaceful. The workers are very friendly as well. You should come here if you're searching for a place to just chill alone, doing work etc.



Amy J said...

wah, lawa tempat dia. tapi makanan tu macam x berapa sangat je. memang beza sungguh dengan dalam gambar.

gina said...

Oh my! yummy & good foods! (´∀`,,人)♥*.

YaYaNsMuM a.k.a YM said...

looks nyummy!YM mmg minat giler ngan veggies...hehe