Dec 2, 2014


This is not the right time, I get it.

Don't know which one is more painful; to not have you here or to hear you saying you don't love me anymore (I doubt that anyway). I didn't believe anything you said to me last Thursday, not a single word. But it still hurts though. Even for the second time. Why can't you say it nicely? Like 'Ainal, I need time and space. A lot of em. I love you, but it's not the time yet' or maybe 'Ainal, I'll be hella busy for final exam and projects and internship, and I don't think I can give you all the attention you needed. But I'd still love you and nothing's gonna change that'. There. 

This is the same thing all over again. We can always work this out. But I hope you didn't mean it this time. 
I really really hope so.

Until then, I'm giving you and me, us, time to grow. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. 
Well, I hope we didn't grow apart.


Sampai bila?

Until everything falls into place.
Or maybe until it's time to stop.

Nah, that is not an option.

I hope that hoping works. It's all that i have.

love, bugs bunny.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

been there done that. Be strong Ainal. Dont ever give up. And i know u can handle this well, just sakit sikit je. Good things need times. okay ?