Feb 10, 2016

5 MUST-Have Caftans You Must Get This Season

There is no doubt that the Muslimah fashion trend is getting so popular in our local fashion industry and market. For instance, women kaftan online is getting so high in demand among young women who love fashion and always seek the best options to look good wherever they go.

"Comfortable" is the word that comes to mind when describing a caftan / kaftan.

Kaftan is a flowing, elegant-looking garment that allows you to look hot effortlessly.
Some ladies refused to wear caftans as they said the kaftans do not flatter their figure which I think is a total rubbish because there are so many options in choosing the perfect caftan.

Some caftans are made from sheer fabric (some only have a few parts that are sheer like the sleeves) which kinda gives the hint of the silhoutte of the wearer (which is hot I must say), and there are also drawstring caftans which accentuates the waist. Not to forget, the kaftan top which can be paired with a mermaid skirt or a pair of skinny jeans.

No no no, I'm not talking about the old ladies' baju tidur kelawar ok.
I'm talking about THESE KAFTANS: The 5 must-have kaftans you must get this season!

1) LEFT: Zalia - Leaf Print Kaftan Dress  | RIGHT: Zalia - Drawstring Kaftan Dress

Let’s transform your autumnal wardrobe with a Middle Eastern charm with this kaftan from Zalia brand. This Muslimah dress features the ever breezy and dramatic sleeves that you seeks together with foliage pattern print to give off that exotic feeling while keeping your look elegant and modest. This brand is one of the best Muslimah brands ever as the collections are all so beautiful yet, they are very purse-friendly.

2) Kami Idea - Pita Kaftan

With this one you can stand out from the ordinary when you are donning this stunning kaftan from this brand. Crafted with soft, satin blend material, this beautiful piece transcends traditional design with tis butterfly-inspired sleeves and an alluring subtle shimmery finish. Suitable to be worn on a romantic dinner.

3) Zuco Fahion - Inner Dress Kaftan Top

Make a splash with this brand’s stunning watercolour-inspired two piece caftan wherever you go! Gorgeous and vibrant, this creation’s lively top offers a bewitching main attraction that is sure to floor all those around you. For a more casual look, you can pair the caftan top with a pair of skinny jeans and then you're good to go!

4) Zihan by Shims Mandagie - Princess Pink Kaftan

Yes, this is a creation by Shims, sister of THE Jovian. This brand merges style and comfort in the design of this flowy caftan in pink. It features the classic flared silhouette and adorned with intricate lace detailing on the shoulder which adds visual euphoria to the piece.

5) Zuco Fashion - Caftan Flare With Stone

This is the classic caftan. With this one you can take it up a notch as it bears a sleek and very elegant design which is further adorned with glimmering stones at the center, thus lending it a touch of luxe to the whole look.

Log on to Zalora.com.my
Click on 'Women' -> 'Muslim Wear' -> 'Kaftans & Jubahs' to shop for the kaftans.

As you can see, there are only 20 choices available for caftans, for now, of course. 
So make sure you subscribe to the newsletter so that when the new arrivals are here, 
you won't miss any gorgeous gorgeous pieces like these (refer photos down below). 

These are some pieces from the Zalia Raya 2015 collection which had obviously sold out in a blink of an eye. 
So yeah, don't forget to log on to Zalora and subscribe to the newsletter !!! 

Gros bisous.


Alya Farhanah said...

It's so cool that you get to do reviews for Zalora!

Chqz said...

it is! like a dream come true hehe Alhamdulillah for the rizq :)

Alesha Bean said...

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