Feb 28, 2016

Reasons to be productive

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The heat is on, 25 days til Year 3 Final Exam.

The Year 4 students had just gotten their result;
32 students have to resit for supplement exam (THAT'S A LOT!).
Alhamdulillah and congratulations for those who passed by the way.

Currently it's the Final Year's turn; 2 sessions down, another 1 to go.

The seniors said that the questions are all new sets of questions
- meaning you can't rely on past years questions bank AT ALL.

Yeah we're totally doomed.

I have to work a hundred times harder; so many things to read, so little time.

Thinking of the rewards that I would like to treat myself when I passed the exam (insyaAllah)
as a motivation for me to keep on studying.

If you're a medical student and you're reading this,
cramping up everything at the last minute won't work.
You're just digging your own grave.
Trust me, I almost got myself buried alive last time.

And Surgery posting assessment is on Thursday and Friday.
It's some sort like an oral test; where the lecturer brings you to the patient's bedside,
asks you to examine the patient on the spot in front of him,
you gotta do running commentaries while examining,
and the most horror part is the discussion;
tell him what are the findings, you got to explain everything from A to Z,
from anatomy to the management of the patient.

This is the part where you're praying hard that your sel-sel otak berhubung.

And when you got it wrong, you'll get scolded in front of the patient.
Oh wait, in front of EVERYONE in the ward.
The patient, other patients, the visitors/family members,
the medical assistants, the nurses, the housemen, the medical officers,
the specialists, the janitors and.... I can't think of more.


It's 3 am.
I should get back to my desk (currently rolling on the floor, crying, (ROFC?))
and start staring at the lecture slides while cursing myself why the hell did I enroll myself in this course.

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