Dec 30, 2011


List perkara untuk diingat kembali sambil tersenyum memandang ke luar tingkap dengan secawan hot chocolate di tangan kanan :)

The first programme of the year for the fivers, Smart Partnership with mozac. One word : BORING

The only form 5 yang tak pergi hksbp zon selatan but hey, i got to join the trip to Sekolah Menengah Sultan Sulaiman, Kuala Terengganu, where i met Din :D HAHAHAHAHAHA. Kay, siapa tak ingat TOP STUDENT TERENGGANU ni, tak tau la. Seriously. Hebat gila. Selalu bila sebut top student, nanti terbayang mamat butang sampai atas rambut letak brylcream setengah botol sikat tepi pakai spec tebal, tapi dia bukan macamtu. And i did mention about him when i posted about the trip. I hope that my bracelet is still in a good condition. Baru pakai sekali T.T

Grandiloquent’s Entrepreneur Day. I deteste the feeling of frustration when the teachers were not supporting what you were doing :/ Anyway, I had a great time dancing on the opening night *though i got my left leg injured again during sukantara a week before -.-‘* especially the bollywood part :> I know I had already apologized, but sorry again for the un-smooth slash smooth-less slash not smooth events : Project Runway, Singing Contest and STF’s version of Miss U.

The last programme for GL in preparing for SPM, smart partnership with the senior puteras. The best part was obviously when the basketballers had a friendly game (ADA ORANG JATUH CIUM COURT WEHHHH *i will never get over this :B ) and picnicking at the basketball court eating durian (Y)

Perfect Score Southern Zone. Err err err it was okay.

Grandiloquent’s dinner : Night of Elegance | Date : 07/10/11 | Venue : Pan Pacific Hotel. It was grand but sorry to say, monotonous. The performances were great (except for the singings, when a bunch of you-know-who sang -,- no offense).

TO BE HONEST, OCTOBER 22nd 2011 WAS THE BEST DAY IN MY 17 YEARS OF LIVING ! Dapat 5A masa UPSR and 8A masa PMR pun tak seseronok dan segembira ni ^_^

LAST celebration of Mya | Mien | Jane | Manek | Nana | Yun | Manda | Ami |  Qilah | Gadek | Chiko | Elle ‘s birthday and Ramadhan and Syawal and Voluptuous Day in STF. *okay nama voluptuous tu macam geli -.-‘

Banner 4 meter untuk spm :3 hikhik

Last fly untuk tengok Breaking Dawn Part I dengan Hani & Iylia :P

Nanti nak tambah lagi ^_^ Mengisi masa lapang bila dah tua. Okebai

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