Jul 22, 2014

Sephora Colour Lip Last No. 14 Go For Pink (Pink Coral)

There goes my lipstick virginity.

How did my boyfriend react to this unusual phenomenon?

"Wtf Ainal you nak jadi perempuan ke??!"
"Why pink? I think it's too fancy. Like Nicki Minaj kind of fancy."

I was just scrolling through Zalora.com.my. Being a girl, you know you just had to buy something even though you know you don't need them. Teehee.

I can't really say much about this lipstick, couldn't compare it to any other product/brand and what not since this is my very first lipstick. But honestly I think I like it. The color is okay to me. Though I only dab a little on my lips before I go out. Still not that brave to wear the bright full pink color. Hihi

"The ultra thin texture feels light, and the waterproof formula makes it refreshingly smudge-proof." -Sephora

The lipstik stayed all day! I think that is good. It was creamy at first, but then dry nicely. The only problem now is my dry lips :/ It looks so uneven and flaky.

Anyhoo, if you're a first timer like me, here's some tips on how to apply lipstick

1. Check out your complexion.
2. Exfoliate your lips using toothbrush
3. Apply lip balm.
4. Apply lipstick.



Amy J said...

amboi. ayat boyfriend tak boleh belah. haha.

saya tak pernah lagi try lipstik. selalu pakai vaseline je. heee

Amy J said...

oh, lupa nak cakap. nice gilaaaa ada bucket list kat sidebar tu ^^