Jul 3, 2014

Broken Things

About a year ago, i bought an Instax Polaroid camera (Fujifilm Instax 210). Yes, the besar gabak one. I even wrote about it here. It has always been on my wishlist since high school, so one day i decided to own it for real. I started saving for it. And one of the reasons for buying the camera is to fill the scrapbook i made for Naim. 

Last year, somewhere around November I think, i brought the camera with me when I went to UTP to visit Naim before his final exam. We went out for lunch, and I carelessly left the camera in the car..... Under the hot scorching sun. 

I thought the films are somehow damaged and all I need to do is buy a new pack of films. But i guess i thought wrong. Bought a new twin pack of films last night for RM 77 (20 pcs), but the same problem persists.

Went to a Digital Centre just now and the owner told me that the camera is broken. Wow. I have never felt this sad before (well i did, but that's a different thing). Can't believe that I cried for it. Probably because I earn it. I worked hard for it. Y'know, to get the money for it and stuffs. Yes, i can buy a new one now, money is not a problem anymore (baru dapat allowance hehe) but I dont think it will be the same.

Betul la ayah kata, benda yang kita beli guna duit sendiri, yang kita kerja untuk dapatkan, yang kita usaha sendiri, kita sayang lebih sikit, kita jaga cermat sikit. Haih. How can i get past the sadness?

*cries an ocean*


ejulz said...

betul2.. setuju..

xpe. xde rezeki di situ..

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Nurashikin ZA a.k.a NAZECK said...

Masalah kulit kusam?
Share experience saya..
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