Jul 13, 2015

Cool Places in Ipoh : Scenic Garden Cafe

UPDATE - December 2016

This restaurant has closed down and replaced by another restaurant called "The Little Elephant" if i'm not mistaken. Don't go there. Shitty experience, overpriced everything, worst service ever. I'm so heartbroken... I want my Scenic Garden back :(


I've been wanting to go to this cafe since forever ok.

Tiem's birthday was on July 2 and Mun's on June 29 (they are my housemates), so me and the other girls decided to throw them a birthday dinner. Guess who suggested this place? Hihihihihi yes, yours truly.

I think it should be called as a restaurant instead because the place is so big and I'd honestly rate it as a 4 star restaurant. Lots of parking spaces. Lots of tables inside and outside. Fully air-conditioned. Very comfortable.

I had read a few reviews on this cafe/restaurant. Most of the reviews written complain about the price of the food.

Above are photos of  the menu; 2 pages out of... I dont know, 10 probably.

To me, I think the price is very reasonable. You got a big plate full of whatever you ordered, and the taste of every single food is beyond delicious! But the drinks are pretty overpriced though.

I had carbonara, my favorite of course. And it was super yummy, so thick and creamy.
I will definitely come here again some other time :)

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AzminaSarif's said...

I want carbonara alsoooo