Nov 22, 2015

Gunung Bujang Melaka Daytrip

I was bored and the last time I sweated was during our Gunung Bukit Kutu trip in September (read about the trip here) so I asked a few of my friends if they wanted to hike up this gunung and they said yes. So to Kampar we go! The guy in red shirt is Faiz, green is Nik and black is Syed. This is Syed's second time, so he was kind of our guide of the day.

Saturday | Nov 21, 2015

- The timing depends on individual pace
- CP = checkpoint

Gunung Bujang Melaka / Bujang Melaka Mountain

Location: Kampar, Perak
Height: 4048 ft / 1233 m
Nearest mosque: Masjid An-Nur, Kampar

The journey from Ipoh takes about 1 hour. 

0917: departed from Ipoh
1020: reached the car park (1st check point)

1030: started hiking

CP1 to CP2

Yes, we did start a bit late, so if you are going for a daypack trip as well, you should start ascending earlier, probably at 0800. Or else, you won't have enough time to rest and will have to walk down in the dark.

The car park is free. Well it's not really a car park, just park at the roadside and of course, park at your own risk. You can also hear the Batu Berangkai Waterfall from where you parked. I almost cancelled the trip because who would go all penat and sweaty when you can just chill and swim in the cold, fresh and clear water?

Oh yea, we would. And we did.

From the car park (CP1) to the second cp, the route is a tar road and you'll go through a durian orchard (i think it is because there were a lot of rotten durians along the way). The track is still easy at this point. It takes around 30-40 minutes until you reached the second cp.

1100: reached CP2 - Orang Asli settlement

CP2 to CP3

The second cp is the orang Asli settlement (CP2). There'll be a signboard telling you that that's the second cp and the direction to the next cp. The next cp is Kem Balak (CP3). The route from CP2 to CP3 is quite tiring. The inclination was not THAT crazy but it is continuous. You'll be required to climb up big rocks a few times using the ropes provided.

1230: reached CP3 - Balak Camp

CP3 to CP4

Kem Balak is a small campsite. We stopped for a 10 minutes rest before continuing to the next cp; Kem Lebah (CP4). You'll pass through lots of small streams and bridges en route. From Kem Balak to Kem Lebah, it takes roughly around 1 hour and a half. The inclination in this route is even more challenging than the previous one.

1345: reached CP4 - Lebah Camp

CP4 to CP5

Kem Lebah is where hikers usually stay overnight as the campsite is very big and the ground is quite flat. There are a few trees that are suitable to hang your hammock. The last water checkpoint is here. We stayed for 30 minutes here to rest and perform our Zuhur prayer before we got back on track to the next cp.

You might wanna bring insect repellent with you, because well, there are bees! Hence the name.

While Nik, Syed and Faiz had their lunch, I decided to have only one piece of butterscotch bread and just lie down and appreciate this kind of view. Should have done a time-lapse video of it.

1425: reached CP5 - Permatang (Persi Camp)

CP5 to Gunung Bujang Melaka summit

The fifth cp is Permatang (Persi Camp). The site is almost the same as Balak Camp. Nothing interesting here except for the signboard telling you that you are almost there! From here to the summit, there are more declination rather than inclination. And there are many signs and markings so InsyaAllah (with God's will) the odds of you getting lost is very small. You'll see signboards telling you the distances from where you are to the summit - 600m, 400m, 100m & 50m.

1515: reached Gunung Bujang Melaka summit

Congratulations , dear self. You did it! 
The summit
It's not that freezing cold up here that I don't think anyone would require a sweater because even the skinniest fat-less person (me) could tolerate the chilli-ness. There's not much of a view here on the summit of Gunung Bujang Melaka. It's also quite small, probably can only occupy not more than 15 hikers. But anyhoo, don't forget to give yourself a pat on the back for making it to the peak. 

Since it was already late, we did not spend much time on the summit because we want to reach CP1 before it's too dark as we only brought 1 head lamp with us and also none of us brought a knife. Y'know, for safety reasons. It started to rain a bit so we hurried back down and I think we didn't stop anywhere at all, not even a short break to catch our breath except at CP4 for about 20 minutes, to perform Asar prayer.

I was not feeling tired at all, my mind and body could still can go on. In fact, i would run down if i could (but i couldn't, so i shouldn't) but my legs were all wobbly and weak, I don't know why. I led the way until we reached CP2 because I'd be left behind if I were to be at the back (hehe sorry to slow you guys down). We were all so grateful when we saw the orang Asli's hut and I started to slow down here because I really couldn't feel my legs anymore. Have I mentioned that I only had one piece of bread (and some chocolates) the whole day? Yes I'm grateful that I didn't go hypoglycemic and faint or whatever.

Nik and Syed went first. They were fast so yeah after a few minutes of walking, I no longer could see or hear them. So.... it was only me and Faiz. Both of us. In the dark. In the middle of nowhere. With just one source of light. Only God knows how many hantus and pocongs came across my mind. Lesson learnt, don't ever forget to bring headlamps because you never know when you will need them.

But Alhamdulillah (praise to God), all four of us got to CP1 safely.

I just realised that I forgot to mention one very important thing: THERE ARE FRIGGING LOTS OF LEECHES! So make sure you're all covered up to avoid this tiny vampires from sucking your blood.

1605: Start descent
1640: Reached CP5
1720: Reached CP4
1810: Reached CP3
1900: Reached CP2
1930: Reached CP1

Gunung Bujang Melaka summary
  • CP1 - car park
  • CP2 - orang Asli settlement
  • CP3 - Balak Camp
  • CP4 - Lebah Camp
  • CP5 - Permatang (Persi Camp)
CP1 - CP2 : 1,250m (approx. distance)
CP2 - CP3 : 1,245m (approx. distance)
CP3 - CP4 : 1,630m (approx. distance)
CP4 - CP5 :    700m (approx. distance)
CP5 - Peak : 1,200m (approx. distance)

Gunung Bujang Melaka - checked!

So I guess that is all for this trip. To many more trips to come, InsyaAllah. And I will try to find some time to finish the second part for my Yong Belar trip soon.


Unknown said...

Hi.. May I know that permit should we apply or not. TQ

Ainal said...

hello, no permit is required to hike

Unknown said...

TQ for ur info..

Anonymous said...

so, how long did you take from starting pt to the peak and from the peak back to the starting pt? ada pakai khidmat guide/renjer tak?

Ainal said...

roughly 5 hours ascend, 3 hours descend. and no, no guide :)

Anonymous said...

Cik adik, baru2 ini saya diberitahu permit fee RM10 seorang..