Nov 19, 2015

TOPSHOP : Casual Look Ideas

So it has been a while since my last update. Sorry I couldn't help it. Life as a medical student is cray-cray no kidding but hey, I'm back now to share with you some tips and tricks on dressing up casually. 

Needless to say, TOPSHOP is one of the most popular highstreet shops. They have everything from the trendiest clothes, to the most stylish shoes and accessories, all at one place! Everything you need is under one roof, no need to go to multiple stores in search of ze perfect outfit for ze perfect ootd shots. Yaassss!

Those who are looking for new clothes to wear as a day-to-day outfit will definitely fall in love with the TOPSHOP casual clothes. From t-shirts, shirts, dresses and outer wears, TOPSHOP clothing is perfect to flaunt your personality to others.

Some might find it hard to assemble a casual look but fret not! Check out the three look ideas for women below.

1. The Smart Casual

If you want to look mature and stylish, perk up those basic tees and jeans by layering it with a nice blazer.

Complete the look by matching it with a trendy sling bag and boots for the perfect smart casual appearance. Pull it off to work, parties or a fashionable casual day out. Step out feeling confident and comfortable in TOPSHOP smart casual look for women.

2. Leisure

It cannot be denied that there are days when you just want to kick back and relax or probably chill at Starbucks sipping caramel frappucino (oh yums!) by wearing comfortable clothes to leisure around in. 

Choose from the basic clothes from TOPSHOP collection and find the one which suits your personality. Wear the TOPSHOP casual clothes as it is and walk everywhere with comfort the entire day. Whether you prefer loose fitting clothes or light weight clothing, go about your day on your casual day at home or outside of the house.

3. Rugged Casual Chic

Ladies who want to create a stylish look to their fashion sense, the rugged casual chic look will be the perfect choice. Mix match various pieces together and create your own personal style. This look is perfect for the ladies who want to show off their tomboyish side while still appear amazing from head-to-toe.

If you don't really mind about what kind of look you're going for as long as it makes you look good and more importantly; feel good, here are some of my personal favorite pieces from TOPSHOP that you can get from ZALORA. 

Yes yes yes! You read it right. 
TOPSHOP is now available on ZALORA! 
Click on the link at the top and start shopping ;)

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