Mar 10, 2016

Photobook Malaysia: Getting Started

*This is not a sponsored post.
*This is a photobook pictorial post.

If you've been reading my blog, you'd know about THE "Geng Gunung". Kak Amal is one of the members, and she's a final year student. Alhamdulillah, she had recently passed her final exam (congratulations to her!) which means that she's a doctor now. So as a token of farewell, I decided to make her a photobook, knowing how much she likes keeping photos in print form.

There are a few online sites that offer online photobook making service, and I decided to go with

Before starting, I first look for coupons code available and I found the one that I like at Lazada. Just search the keyword 'photobook' and you'll be served with lots of photobook choices of different layouts, styles and price ranges. It's insanely cheap! Like in the photo below; 6" x 6" 40 pages photobook for RM 3 ONLY !?!? Yes, you can actually trust this. You might be thinking, for such cheap price, it must be of a shitty quality. You'll be surprised!

Purchase the one that you want, your coupoun code will be sent to your email like so:

Then go to the photobook site, and start designing! Oh yea, make sure that you have signed up first ok.

At the home page, just click on the 'Make A Book Now' button and then select your preference. If you want to start from scratch (like I did), choose the 'Start A Blank Book' option or if you don't believe in your inner creativity (hehe), you can just click the 'Online Readybooks Templates'.

Next, select your book type and size (depends on your coupon) and hit that start button.
You'll be redirected to a new page where you have to re-log in.

This is the online editor page.
No worries, after a few minutes (or hours....) you'll get the hang of it.

So these are just a preview of 2 out of 40 pages of the book.
As you can see at the top of the photo is the original price of the book. No worries, keep on editing.

It took me a few days to get it done as I had very limited free time to sit down and start editing.

When you're satisfied with how it looks, click the "Order" green button on the top right of the page.
You'll be notified if there is any error in any of the pages.

Just keep on clicking the "Continue" button.

This is where you insert your coupon code

And make your payment.
You will next receive emails on payment and order invoice.

Andddddd that's about it.

Just wait for another email on shipping.

Hope this helps!

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