May 4, 2017

Rose before bros

This is a scheduled post. I hope by the time this post is up, I'll be on my way to my darling Iejat/Izzati's wedding in Perlis instead of being at the college, having to sit for a viva borderline examination. 

Oh god please don't let it be the latter one.

Me and Iejat, we go waaaaay back. 
We've been really close friends since 2010. We've been there for each other since then, through all the heartbreaks and relationship roller coaster ride. I'm glad that she had finally found THE ONE and gonna start a new life together soon! By soon I meant literally like a few hours from now. Her solemnization ceremony will start after the Friday prayer, which I'm guessing will be at around 1500H.

Back in December 2016, she texted me telling that something great is happening, but she couldn't tell me about it yet. So I waited. And waited. Until one fine day, she told me that she's coming to Ipoh, and that's when we met for the first time after 6 freaking years. I think by now you can already guess, she was here in Ipoh to invite me to her wedding! (Although that was not the main reason but whatever, I'd like to think that it was).

I know, in fact, everybody knows that she'll be a good, scratch that- an AMAZING wife. Like cmonnnn, look at her cooking skills!! They are insane. Knowing how to cook is one thing, being great at it is a bonus (Arsyard, you are one lucky guy). I adore how she's very mature in dealing with problems and other stuffs. Definitely ready to become a wife, to start a family.

I couldn't be any happier for her. 


Since the meet up, we've been contacting each other very frequently.

I feel so honored, so touched and overwhelmed because she has put a lot of trust in me (I know I'm not the only person), that she allowed to have a say in choosing---

Which dress is prettier?
Which veil matches the dress?
Which hand bouquet looks more beautiful?
Which design is better for the wedding invitation cards?
Etc etc.

The day has come, and I've worked my ass off to be here today.

It's just that I'm a bit bumped that I couldn't be there to witness her nikah moment but hey I made it to Perlis anyway, so please forgive me.

Your mom would definitely be proud of you, of how beautiful you were in your white wedding dress, of how independent you were in planning and organizing everything. Thank you for including me to be a part of your new phase of life. Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.

The paragraph above was from my instagram caption, pasted it here just because I can.
And Iejat, you're now obligated to come to my wedding (whenever that is).

Ok, I didn't manage to complete my post and publish it on April 7th, 0900H as planned (shame on me) but hey I was busy with my final exam. That is not arguable! Now that I have all the time in the world, NOT, I only have less than 10 days left before going back to medschool, but yeah, I will try to complete and publish as many drafts as I can. No, this is not a promise. 

I finished my exam on the 4th, and the result came out three days after that which was the same day as Iejat's solemnization ceremony. I reaaalllyyy reaaallyyy wanted to be there for her during her akad moment since it is the most important and meaningful part of a marriage but I decided to go a bit later just in case I had to sit for viva exam that morning. (Hint: I didn't have to)

I hopped on the train to Arau, Perlis at 1530H. I had mixed feelings- anxious and excited at the same time. Anxious because the result was still not out at that time and obviously thrilled because I got to see my good friends that I haven't seen since we left highschool.

At exactly 1630H, my notification window was flooded with messages regarding the exam result. Alhamdulillah, all the hardwork paid off. I PASSED! My anxiety all gone, I'm all pumped up for the wedding, woohoo!! Atho, Izzy, Aqish and Shake fetched me up from the train station when I arrived and I had a great night with the ladies. The wedding was definitely a great start to my one month holiday (which now is about to end, sobs).

Here's a snippet of the wedding, I hope you enjoy it. 

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