Nov 1, 2014

Desperately seeking for anyone that can share their study routine/tips

It has been 3 years and I STILL DON'T KNOW HOW TO STUDY!!

Study group ---

I've tried studying in a group but nope it's not working at all. That feeling when you have no freaking idea what everyone is discussing/talking about. It just stresses me out. 

And the part where we exchanged notes, urgh. Honestly, I've never read any of the notes. I couldn't bloody read most of the handwritings. My notes? Well, i typed them. In tables. With proper diagrams, font, size, alignment, spacing everything just name it. And most importantly, neatly.

Brief reading before class ---

It helps actually. At first. Then i felt like the lecture is boring as i have to go through the same slides again, so i'll end up sleeping until the next lecturer comes in or sometimes, i didn't wake up at all. Worst, i didn't attend at all. 

Notes ---

And yes of course i do my own notes. But I tend to go back to the lecture slides when exam is near which makes me question why even bother writing notes? 

All this time that I've been passing my exams & tests, I think i just got lucky. Or 'rezeki' some of you may say. 

Because maybe He knows I wouldn't be able to handle any failure.

Long sigh.